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From your idea to an economical product

We are there for you in the planning phase of new components of pneumatics, hydraulics or electromechanics. 
We are / Our team will be delighted to adopt our findings from earlier development as well as the experience gained from numerous successful series projects into a new product idea for your application.

If you decide to work together with us, our project management will coordinate the procedure closely with all project participants. 
Based on the specifications, we develop a reliable, safe and economical product for your application.

The latest results from research and development are combined with our experience, proven development system for new products with a high innovation content. 
3D CAD models are the common language for us and our customers. We use them for visualization, calculation and verification as well as for digital mockup.


For us, the function of the product is key. The necessary technology follows your requirements. 
In order to fulfil the required functions, we use numerous processes and methods. 
We always find the right solution for the product development. With proven materials ranging from various metals to special plastics. 
In doing so, we take into account the latest findings of materials science. In the subsequent production of the products, we choose the most individual-suitable manufacturing process. 
From original processes to mechanical processing to additive manufacturing – for example, 3D printing – we lay the foundation for a perfected and inspiring product


Product Development

We support you throughout the development process, starting with the definition of the requirements for the product. 
Our goal is to jointly develop the best solution for the required function. We will (talk you through) continue to talk to you throughout every stage of the project and pay close attention to frequent exchange. 
The solution concept presentations and the optimization proposals are verified with suitable production options in order to guarantee reliability with proven methods. 
Instead of partial services, we follow the motto of comprehensive customer-oriented advice and support

Sample and prototype construction

To support our development department, we can use our own sample and prototype laboritries/facilities construction. The latter converts the detailed specifications into precise prototypes on time. The spectrum ranges from pure assembly design patterns to testable functional patterns. 
We have a wide range of state-of-the-art systems and methods at our disposal during conception.


When verifying the product properties, we can draw on many years of experience and extensive know-how in the execution of tests. Through this, we ensure that our solutions are delivered to the customer meeting the agreed requirements. 
A wide range of modern systems guarantee wide range of test options for every application. Aside of internal systems, we can optionally develop product-specific test and testing facilities in-house or accessing external accredited partner companies. 
Per default, we provide detailed and transparent test documentation for each test. In addition to comprehensible documentation, you also benefit from the test results.

Company-owned experimental facilities

  • Thermo-chamber
  • Climate chamber
  • Dust chamber
  • Salt spray chamber
  • Swinging table (shaker)


Process development

The appropriate process development begins in the early phase of product development. 
This is incorporated into product development to guarantee an economical, safe and reliable manufacturing process. 
In order to be able to understand and control the production processes, it is mandatory to identify the exact and traceable process parameters. 
With the simultaneous integrated inspection planning, we can implement further features, such as a 100% end-of-line inspection or the fulfillment of specific cleanliness requirements. 
Our process development develops bears synergies throughout the value creation and supply chain, including logistics processes.


Product Safety

Our goal is to provide solutions that reliably meet all characteristics in case of even by use of even outside specified laboratory conditions. 
In addition to an FMEA and the resulting individual test plans, this purpose also includes field experience from previous projects, customer feedback and benchmark investigations into the methods we use. 
With this competence, we are able to identify critical and significant requirements. 
Special characteristics are identified during the development phase and included in the production phase in parallel. 
Through series-related tests and requalification tests, we monitor the consistently high quality of our products throughout the product life cycle.

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