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Economic and fast across Europe

We produce all mechanical components effectively in-house on a versatile, modern machining park.
Our production takes over responsibility for QA measures through statistical process control (SPC). 
On our modern plastic injection molding systems, we also produce precisely and efficiently technically challenging components.   
SPC tests, for example on residual moisture, are part of responsible series production.


TECHNOMATIK has developed special competences in the semi-automatic assembly of medium series. 
Special devices fixtures enable very efficient workflows that already include a 100% end-of-line test. Together with detailed assembly instructions and product audits, they ensure a consistently high quality standard. TECHNOMATIK handles the large series, for example for the automotive industry, with fully automatic assembly processes. In-house assembly machines with flexible functionalities ensure efficient assembly processes with shortest unit times including integrated 100% end-of-line testing.


Manufacturing Technologies

State-of-the-art manufacturing technologies are used in project realization. 
We use the right manufacturing process for the implementation of the requirements. 

For example, the following processes are used:

Cutting production

  • Turning
  • Milling 
  • Grinding 


  • Spring Forming
  • Tiefziehen
  • Plastic injection molding
  • Pressure casting

Heat and surface treatment

With problematic and special materials, we realize both large and small quantities in outstanding quality.  
When processing electronic components such as sensors, we also offer a wide range of solutions in the electronic sector. 
The selection of the appropriate material and the appropriate production method depends on the requirements of the customer's wishes. 
In addition to stainless steel, steel and aluminum, brass and plastics are among the materials processed.  
In close coordination with product and process development, the material and product function is optimally adapted to the customer's requirements. 

Component cleanliness

Due to the  requirements for pneumatic products, technical component cleanliness is an important aspect of our production.

In addition to modern parts cleaning and the possibility of installation in the cleanroom, we consistently ensure compliance with cleanliness requirements with our packaging and logistics processes.


Rational manufacturing

With production planning as an integrated PPS system, we ensure efficient and economical production process. Assembly and production strategy is adapted to the number of units.

The processes is planned and documented during the approval stages in project management, thus leading to steady production flow.
Our competent and trained employees ensure the order is fulfilled on time in the two plants.

Not far from Budapest, is our production and assembly site FEMOMATIK. 
This enables us to offer various production and assembly processes economically, even for small quantities.

At our development and production site TECHNOMATIK, located in the south of Munich, 
we care able to use high-tech fully automatic systems and processes, as well as semi-automatic and employee-supported production possibilities for product realization.


Rationelle Fertigung

Secure processes

From a wide range of product inspection and statistical process control to a 100% end-of-line manufacturing test, 
we have proven tools at our disposal for manufacturing high-quality products. 
The use of suitable methods required for stable processes is defined in the quality forecasting.



When (carrying out)/ processing production orders based on structured BOM, 
batch production according to first-in, first-out principle and corresponding product marking is applied.

A clear material traceability at piece level with identification marking of the individual parts. 
Can also be provided / is compulsory.

Due to the use of modern systems such as PPS and CAQ, traceability is ensured throughout the process.

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