Corporate Identity Grafik

Supplier management

A network of efficient and partner-like suppliers contributes to the mutual success. 
In order to secure and expand this network, we are looking for sustainable cooperation in long-term business relationships with the automotive and industry-independent supplier world. 
Our suppliers make their contribution to reliable product quality and ensure continuous customer satisfaction with continuous improvements. 
We see the prerequisites for this in constant innovation, high cost awareness, guaranteed delivery reliability and a consistent quality standard.   


What kind of cooperation does TECHNOMATIK offer and expect?

We maintain a mutually fair and sustainable business relationship with our suppliers. We offer personally, but we also expect supervised processes by our suppliers to ensure everything runs smoothly. In addition to flexibility and quick action, reliability is a high priority on both sides. Supported by good and modern communication, we strive for common synergies and thus lay the foundation for long-term partnership-based cooperation. The aim of working with our suppliers is the common success that we achieve in competition in international volatile markets. 

If you can share these principles with us, we invite you to work with us as a supplier.


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